Erdért won three out of their four first matches in the league, which destined our meeting to be rough but the slim squad we showed up with made this round even tougher for us. We had to change the usual starting eleven at 8 positions – including the goalkeeper – to even field enough players on this match.

The beginning was rather slow, the teams were trying to test each other after 15 minutes when Erdért had a great ball going through our box without anyone touching it. A little bit later it was our time to create a chance, Ádám Bartha got a nice ball into the penalty area, but Viktor Szász couldn’t put that one away. A few minutes later Szvetnik dribbled inside the box but his shot missed the target. The first half was still goalless.

The second half was exactly the same until the 56th minute when Bence Engler scored from a free-kick. It was a nicely placed ball and captain Benedek Kiss, who is usually a defender couldn’t do anything to prevent this goal. We tried to raise the tempo and had our chance to equalize: the keeper saved Dániel Sebők’s volley and we had four efforts from rebounds, but either a defender or the goalkeeper blocked our shots before Szabados rifled it above the bar. Our opponent had two other efforts from long range but only one hit the target, but Kiss knocked it out from the upper right corner.

We aren’t the first team to lose against Erdért with one goal and will not remain the last side to do that either. Both teams were organized and we did well considering the amount of regular starters we were missing, but the decisive goal was not ours this time. As they say this was won by the team scoring first.

We thank Erdért SE for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip.