We arrived to our fourth game of the season with two victories and a defeat behind us. However we were fully aware of the capabilities of our opponent despite them sitting at the bottom of the table. What we were not aware is how bad of a day it will be at the office.

Erős Vár FC slowly but steadily started to dominate the match, while Erőd FC played with a lot of mistakes. We got away with this in the first half with only one shot hitting the crossbar, but the second half brought more problems. The home team took the lead after a nice throughball and we could not pick ourselves up for about 20 minutes. Erős Vár capitalized on this collapse with scoring three more goals. It took way too long to pull ourselves together, but at least we managed to score one goal when Viktor Szász whipped the ball behind the defense and Balázs Kerényi shotting it into the net. All in all this was our worst performance this season and we deserved to lose.

We thank Erős Vár FC for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip.

Goal: Kerényi
Assist: Szász