After our last match was postponed due to heavy raining ruining the pitch, we faced a tricky opponent at home. The two weeks gap between matches proved to be difficult thanks to Erős Vár FC.

The beginning of the game was terrible from us, we conceded a penalty early on after multiple horrible decisions. Even though they took the lead with that we managed to turn things around with Richárd Turcsán and Ferenc Szvetnik both scoring. The rest of the half was nicely controled until the last minutes. Erős Vár missed a huge chance, but still managed to equalise from an effort just outside the box.

We started the second half with conceding a horrible goal. This is hard to take even as a professional and it clearly affected us because shortly Erős Vár scored from a counter attack and a corner. To be fair we never gave up as usual. Ádám Bartha found himself in a great position and nearly slotted one home and in the 83rd minuted Ferenc Szvetnik found the back of the net with a header. We pushed on but Erős Vár’s defensive effort was too good and so they took the three points.

All the key moments were handled perfectly by our opponent, they had opportunities throughout the entire match. It’s extremely hard to get a positive result with three shocking moments and we did our best to do it, but at the end of the day we could walk off the pitch with our heads held high.

We thank Erős Vár FC  for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip.

Goals: Szvetnik 2x, Turcsán
Assists: Szvetnik, Horváth T., Kerényi