On a gloomy saturday morning we traveled to Budafok to play our league match against the MUN SE reserves. This was the third game in 6 days and only two days passed after a really challenging cup match against II. Kerület UFC.

You could feel the legs were heavier than usual on this occasion. The opponent had the first few chances, they even hit the post before taking the lead. Dávid Valkovics scored a terrific goal from a free-kick, the ball bounced from the crossbar right behind the goal line. We did not allow them to enjoy it for too long though as Ferenc Szvetnik found Richárd Turcsán with a great ball and the latter put it in the back of the net. There were other chances, but  it was Valkovics who took the lead again after a great solo and a small chip above Balázs Száz and so the first half ended with a scoreline of 2-1.

The break helped us to reorganize a bit and changing our system which helped us to stabilize the game. The equalizer came quickly too, Viktor Szász’ corner found Turcsán perfectly. This time we had limited time to celebrate however as a penalty was awarded shortly and Valkovics scored his third goal of the game. However Turcsán did not want to fall behind his opponent and just 5 minutes later scored a lovely goal with his left foot. This made his hat-trick complete, since he previously scored from his right foot and head as well.

We came back from behind 3 times and it was time to take the lead. Szvetnik was fouled near the box and while everyone stopped, the referee did not blow the whistle and Dániel Hosszú capitalised on that with a quick, precise shot. The game was far from over so Dániel Sebők’s amazing goal in the 76th minute was really helping to keep our cool. MUN SE had to attack more to come back to the game and this allowed us to score more on the counters. First „Sebi” scored from a backheel pass coming from Turcsán, then Szvetnik had a huge solo and a tidy finish to make it a comfortable win.

The legs were tired but we never gave up for a second and it shows great character to come back three times from behind. MUN SE was a well organized, tidy team with a few very talented players, but we have these sort of players as well and we managed to turn that into our advantage.

Nehezen indult a találkozó, nagyon fáradtan mozogtunk, de ami fizikálisan hiányzott belőlünk, azt pótolni tudtuk mentalitással. Egyetlen gólnál sem rogytunk össze egy pillanatra sem, pedig háromszor is hátrányba kerültünk, ami pszichésen is nagyon megterhelő tud lenni. A MUN SE egy szervezett, kulturált focit játszó társaság, néhány különleges adottságokkal megáldott játékossal fűszerezve. Különleges adottságú játékosokból viszont bőven jutott nekünk is, így a második félidőben 6 gólt szerezve megérdemelten nyertük meg az összecsapást.

We thank MUN SE II. for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip.

Goals: Turcsán 3x, Sebők 2x, Hosszú, Szvetnik
Assists: Szász 2x, Szvetnik 2x, Horváth T., Hosszú, Turcsán