The season has kicked off on Sunday and we had to play another match just three days later. Our opponent was going to be tricky since II. Kerület UFC is hoping to win BLSZ II, so we prepared for a tough challenge.

We played under huge pressure from the very first minute, but we managed to stay strong regardless. We barely allowed any chances to the opposition, but they only needed one occasion to punish us: a cross from the left flank found Barnabás Tóth who’s first touch was heavy, but still managed to strike the ball into the upper right corner. We had a few chances of our own before and after the goal, but the score was 1-0 at half time.

UFC had a lot more stamina to begin with but four substitutions refreshed the team while Erőd FC was already tired from a lot of work. The pressure was becoming even bigger and UFC scored from a free-kick. We had a few small and one big chance to come back to the game properly but with the third goal coming in the 64th minute the only question was the margin of victory for II. Kerület. We fought as much we could but the tired legs and minds collapsed for a short period of time and we conceded three more times between the 80th and 85th minutes. No nice way to put it, we gifted three extra goals to a team that did not need any charity work to begin with.

II. Kerület UFC is one of the strongest amateur teams in Budapest and even though the final result is humnling we are proud of the effort that was put into this game. We might have been unable to stop them, but certainly forced them to work hard in order to get the result they wanted. We thank II. Kerület UFC for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip and the Budapest Cup as well!