The season has officially ended for Erőd FC in june. Our team played 23 matches in the league due to two teams not fielding enough players and we also participated in one Budapest Cup match as well. We won silver medal at the end of the season.

It’s especially pleasing that Erőd FC gave the top goal scorer in the league with Ferenc Szvetnik scoring 34 goals in 21 matches. He scored 37 across all competitive matches however as he had a hat-trick against Duna SK in the cup. Szvetnik had a good run to give the most assists as well with ten, however Balázs Kerényi had even more. The attacker had 13 assists in 17 games.

The five players who watched the most matches held a voting session over who should be our player of the season. Unsurprisingly this accolade was won by Dániel Sebők, who was the player of the month twice. Sebők scored 19 times and had 9 assists over 22 matches.


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We decided to award two honorary titles as well. One of that was won by Róbert Kiss who was the only person from our squad, who was available in every single competitive match. The other special award went to the opponont of the season voted by all players of Erőd FC. This was won by Baráti Bőrlabda FC who beat us twice and showed great sportsmanship all the way.