Our players voted for the best performing teammate for May as well. The winner was a previously voted player for the second month in a row: Richárd Turcsán. We spoke to him about his new title.

You won in November and in May as well. You scored seven goals in the last month and had four assists, did it surprise you to win this voting?

It looks really good if you look at the numbers. However I only played in two matches – if you don’t count the inner friendly when our opponent didn’t show up – so I wasn’t expecting it at all. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys for this accolade!

You scored 20 goals throughout the season while having 5 assists. How do you evaluate this campaign?

I am not happy with the number of matches I attended. Injuries, bans, work and other things prevented me to come more often, I just showed up for half of the season. I hope to have less reasons to miss games next season. As for the team however, I am fully satisfied with our performance.

Some of your goals were quite spectacular, but that’s not a surprise for those who have seen you before. What goes through your mind in these situations? Are you thinking it through or whatever comes to your mind is going to happen?

I’m not really thinking about it, I follow my instincts. I try to do something no one would think of, but would help us in that situation. If it’s dribbling, I’d go for it. If it’s an unexpected shot or pass, that’s my choice.


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Speaking of expectations, what were yours joining the team?

I got what I expected. I knew it’s a group with good atmosphere with a couple of good footballers. I was sure we could be a force to recognize in this level with these guys. My only concern was to keep our togetherness throughout the season, but that went very well.

Tell us about your footballing path a little bit. Were you planning to become a footballer? What were your milestones?

My first signing was for BVSC when I was seven years old. I had various youth teams, even ended up playing in the top division on a youth level. I was playing on a high level for a few years, a level that could have been the path to become professional. However I had a nasty ankle injury and my mentality also changed, these were not enough to become a pro. I played in BLSZ/B – as it was called back then – when I was 18 years old, but the community was horrible so I stopped for good. Three years later I joined BVSC when they launched a senior team again. That’s what a lot of my current teammates did as well.

Do you have a favourite club?

I am a Barcelona fan since Rivaldo. I’m also a huge fan of the Brazilian National Team.

Do you have a favourite footballer?

Andrés Iniesta and Leo Messi. Also literally every member of the Brazilian National Team which won the World Cup in 2002.

What was the most memorable moment you have seen live, or you’ve been a part of?

I saw Béla Koplárovics’ goal against Manchester United in 2002. I saw it from the 5th row! I also scored twice agains Bayern Munich when I was 8 years old at a youth tournament in Austria.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I like driving my car, playing my Xbox and gardening.

Not a lot of amateur footballer can say that hundreds follow their results, but we can. Do you check the comments from our Brazilian friends?

Yes, I do. Their enthusiasm is incredible! Hard to grasp the fact there are so many people interested in us from the other side of the world.

Would you have any message for them?

I would like to thank them a lot for their support. Let’s go Erőd!