After losing for the first time previously, we arrived to Híd-Unió SE with determination to set things right. Our opponent had 4 points in 6 matches so we expected a battle against a low defensive line.

Erőd FC took control of the match immidiately and most of the action took place in their half as a result. We played with a lot of pressing, which helped us creating chances but the finishing wasn’t the best. After 15 minutes Szvetnik capitalised on a mistake and finally we took the lead. Even though we had more opportunities this goal was the difference at half time.

We couldn’t score quickly after the break but again 15 minutes of game time broke the ice, a nice move set Sebők up for a chance and he calmly put the ball into the net. This was a decisive moment because the team got more relaxed and this helped with the end products. A few minutes later Juhász tricked two defenders with a smart move inside the box and burried one away. Szabados created another great chance in the 75th minute with a lovely throughball and Szvetnik scored from it. The final score line was also thanks to Szvetnik, he got a great ball from Auth, dribbled past the goalkeeper and calmly finished the match.

We faced a very sympathetic opponent and managed to get a clean sheet for the first time of the season. We thank Híd-Unió SE for the match and wish them good luck in the championhsip.

Goals: Szvetnik 3x, Sebők, Juhász
Assists: Bartha, Szabados, Auth, Szvetnik