We had a voting session as a new tradition to determine who had the best performance in the last month. Every player could take part in the voting who have been to at least half of the matches either as part of the squad or a spectator. The very first player of the month was easy to predict as Ferenc Szvetnik scored 14 goals and had 3 assists in 5 matches. We had a quick chat with him.

I assume you weren’t surprised winning this award. How do you feel claiming the title and what’s the reason for this amazing start?

I thought I should be winning this to be honest but it feels really good to actually win it. I’m very happy to score this amount during the month. We are a squad of players rejoining in one club. Having a good community and good leaders give you extra motivation to give your all.

As you mentioned this squad has been playing together before and you were quite close to be the top scorer of the league with us. Is this your goal this season to finally claim that title too?

I did originally but quickly realized there are some great goal scorers in this league. This dream is gone now a little bit, especially because I have a light injury, so I don’t know exactly if I can do it.

You played as a midfielder originally, it was actually here that you were given the striker role. Why does that work more for you?

This is where I can capitalize on my pace the most. At this level this is a game changer. I’m not naturally gifted technically for the midfielder role, but I have a great work rate, I run a lot and I get into a lot of duels. Apparently it works better up front.

What was your best match?

Perhaps the first half of the cup game against Duna SK. I also felt like I’m having a good match against Őrmező SE.

It’s safe to say you are a bit of a fan favourite in Brazilal between our followers. I’m not sure you are aware, but some people even wrote the Fortaleza chants with your name in it.

I heard about that but unfortunately I haven’t seen the full lyrics or translation.

We have a few quick questions to you as well so our Brazilian friends could get to know you a little bit. When did you start playing football?

It was around 2004 or 2005 if I remember is correctly. I had little breaks in playing ever since.

Was your main idea to become a footballer or was it just a hobby?

Of course I wanted to be a footballer! „We had Ferenc Puskás but here comes Ferenc Szvetnik” – I told my dad one day.

What is your favourite team?


Favourite player?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, maybe that’s why I have a big fighting spirit.

What was the best goal you’ve seen?

When Ibra scored against England from a scissor kick in 2012.

Do you attend football matches?

Mostly amateur matches. I find these games much more entertaining and thrilling than the top division in Hungary.

Do you read comments from our Brazilian followers? Do you have a message for them?

I read them but I can’t understand them usually. I tried to use google translate a few times but it has a hard time with slang or abbreviations. It feels really good to see my name nonetheless and it feels great to have such a support from them. I wish them (Fortaleza EC) the best of luck in Brazil!